Why is Dcider so dlicious?
Let us dconstruct it for you...

Firstly, we use only premium apples from Batlow, dlightful Pink Ladies and a dlectable blend of reds. As we are dtermined to capture and preserve all the fruit freshness these beauties dserve, we have them juiced without dlay in Batlow, by one of the best juicing plants in Australia.

The juicing process takes place under a cover of carbon dioxide, an inert gas which prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the apple pulp and juice. We can’t think of anything less dsirable than a slice of apple left to go brown, so we pay close attention to these little dtails.

Next up, the juice is dlivered in the cooler evenings to our primary production facility in the Southern Highlands, where it undergoes a long, slow, cool ferment dsigned to maintain its clean and crisp nature. After fermentation, we take absolute care to filter the cider slowly and gently, again under the misty cover of carbon dioxide, then we bottle it, crisp and cold and ready for your lips.

That’s it. Dlicious, dfinitive, and in dmand. Not sure if you’re a cider drinker?
Try ours and let it be the Dcider.